"The liquid mineral makeup I bought from you feels like silk going on. I love it."

Mary, Denver

Five steps that will nourish your skin to a healthy, refreshed glow that lasts.
Treatment time, 60 minutes $105​

Made for teens, these facials deep cleanse, loosen surface debris and reduce sebum, clear blackheads and shrink enlarged pores. You must be under 21 to book this facial.
Treatment time, 80 minutes $95

Questions on any of these services? E-mail me marilyn@santafacials.com or call 505 603-3006.

"Last night my neck and face peeled and I really can see a difference in my face already. I can't quite explain it. It just looks softer somehow."

Pam, Santa Fe


Other Services

One Amazing Facial

Our signature facial and highly recommended for dealing with Santa Fe's dry, high-altitude air. Deep cleanses pores, nourishes and hydrates tired skin with an extraordinary drink of pure Oxygen and Vitamins A, C &E.
Treatment time, 90 minutes $125

"Many thanks for the great facial.  I don't think I've ever had a better one & will certainly come back for more."

Anne, Santa Fe

Our signature facial was named one of the top 10 facials in the U.S. by Allure magazine a few years ago. We have a 60-minute facial and a 90-minute facial. Your esthetician will choose the right enzyme and mask for your skin and its condition.  We find you get the best results that way. The 90-minute facial has 2 more steps than the 60-minute facial:  clearing pores and an oxygen-rich, hydrating spray.

The 505 Deluxe Oxygen Facial

Teen Facial

A soothing, moisturizing experience for your face’s most sensitive skin. It can be added to a facial or stand alone.
Treatment time, 45 minutes $50

Bright Eye Treatment

"I was thinking this morning how great my skin looked...and its all because of you!!! thanks for whatever you did..it looks great...."

​Cindy, Santa Fe